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Doron's Legacy

A tribute to Doron Werner.

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Mitzvot – defined as good deeds – are an integral part of Judaism – even more so during the mourning process. It is said that “By performing a mitzvah on someone’s behalf, we become that person’s feet on earth.”

There are multiple ways in which you can honour an individual’s life by doing mitzvot, such as acts of Tzedakah – righteous giving – and Gemilut Hasadim – acts of loving kindness.

Tzedakah – righteous giving – is a way to make memory tangi­ble in the world. Giving money to organizations and causes that were important to the deceased keeps their beliefs alive and active. Tzedakah connects the living and the dead in the work of tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Through Gemilut Hasadim – acts of loving kindness – mourners can keep their loved ones’ values and beliefs alive in the world by committing time and effort to a worthy cause. When donating time as mitzvah of remembrance, an individual should choose a labor of love and not a penance. This concept encompasses any act of service performed without monetary donations.

With these important concepts in mind, pledges are encouraged in Doron’s memory. Through this we can keep his legacy alive, no matter how large or small. Once you have decided on a pledge, it can be posted on this wall to remind the world of the impact Doron has, and will continue, to make.

We have included Pledge options below to ensure that everyone interested in continuing Doron’s legacy is included. While some of these are religious acts, incorporated are general acts which can be performed by everyone, irrespective of religion.

When submitting a pledge please indicate an estimated time frame/frequency (in the comment section below) depending on the act as we aim to ensure that his light is always shining and his legacy is ongoing.

Examples of non-religious pledge options:

  • Tzedaka – righteous giving – in the form of monetary donations i.e. Giving charity as a once off or monthly act, sponsoring a dinner/shabbat dinner to bring people together
  • Donation of time i.e. volunteering, checking in on friends (Doron was particularly good at this)

Examples of specific Jewish pledge options:

  • Torah learning
  • Jewish men: Perform the mitzvah of Tefillin (performed on week days for around 5 minutes)
  • Jewish women: Shabbat candle lighting (performed 18 mins before sunset every Friday night), baking challah.

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