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Doron's Legacy

A tribute to Doron Werner.

So long as they live, we, too, shall live, for they are now a part of us. On every day, and in every way, I know that they are with me and I remember them.

‘We Remember Them’ by Sylvan Kamens & Rabbi Jack Riemer

Doron Michael Werner was born into a well-respected, loving, and caring family. His mother (Debbie Werner), father (Mark Werner), sister (Jenna Werner), grandmother (Denise Werner) and grandfather (Malcolm Werner) moulded him into the respectable, intelligent & hard-working man that he was. Doron Michael Werner was an exceptional young man in all aspects of life. 

Doron was always known to be a benevolent man and natural leader. He assumed responsibility from a young age as was evident throughout his schooling career. It was prevalent when he was announced as Head Boy of Eden College in 2015. Although additional responsibilities, Doron took this into his stride and still attained 6 A’s in matric, coming Top 1% in the country for Life Orientation. 

His academic excellence continued into his University career, where he studied a Business Science Finance with Accounting at The University of Cape Town. 

After graduating in 2020, Doron was offered a very lucrative graduate contract at the biggest bank in Africa – Standard Bank. His colleagues emphasize his hard work, and dedication. This led to him being promoted to a managerial-level Private Banker in only a year. 

Doron Michael Werner will never be forgotten by his family, friends & loved-ones. Through his values, his advice, and his impact on society, he will continue. 

One of one.

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